Far Cry 3 and the f***** radio towers!


The first minutes of the game start with the conquest of a radio tower…

After the first tower a certain charm overcomes me!

The message “1 of 18 towers conquered” alone awakens conqueror instincts in me.

Honestly, besides the main quest there are two things that are really fun as a side job. These are the outposts to be conquered and the radio towers!

For those who don’t know the game yet: The complete island world of Far Cry 3 is located under a kind of “Fog of War“. This has to do with the fact that the “evil ones” have distributed exactly 18 radio towers all over the island. These are operated with an interference signal, which disturbs our overview map.

Of course the interfering signal has further disadvantages. For example, with every additional radio tower there are new weapons in the shops for free or we can play new side quests.

And why now “damned radio towers”?

Of course it makes a certain sense to conquer all the towers. We get a total overview of the island, the streets, the special items and so on.

Unfortunately the whole thing has a catch.

I’m not quite sure, but somehow climbing a tower becomes more difficult from tower to tower. Either it’s programmed that way or it was a coincidence that I tackled the towers from easy to difficult in the right order.

The first or second one is still in pretty good shape. Ladders, stairs and catwalks lead us to the top with the fuse box to switch off. But from tower to tower the condition becomes maroder. I suddenly have to jump over missing pieces, climb and climb up hanging ropes. In addition there is the not always completely transparent solution of the way. More and more often I fall into the depth when trying to find the right step. That’s annoying!

Unfortunately the ambition is greater than the short lasting frustration and so you fight yourself again and again on the ailing ladders, stairs and catwalks. A kind of love-hate relationship, I would say, develops from radio tower no. 10.

In any case, I am happy when I have deactivated the last radio tower and then can bring the game to a close with a clear conscience. I couldn’t imagine ending Far Cry 3 without the completion of this great staged secondary task of the radio towers. So off to the next tower…

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