Fortnite: 68.8 percent of players use in-game purchases; average purchase value is almost 85 dollars


LendEDU, actually an online marketplace for student loans and other financial services, conducted a survey on the spending behaviour of Fortnite users and has now published the results. 1,000 U.S. people who “frequently” play Fortnite were surveyed.


The key finding of the survey is that 68.8 percent of all Fortnite players have already spent money on in-game purchases. On average, a buyer spent 84.67 dollars. If non-buyers are also taken into account, the median value is 58.25 dollars. Almost 59 percent of the expenditure is on outfits or characters, 18 percent on gliders, 13.5 percent on tools (for collecting resources) and 9.5 percent on emotes. 80 percent of the buyers bought the Battle Pass for $10; nearly 45 percent bought the Battle Pass for $25.


36.78 percent of buyers made their first in-game transaction with Fortnite; nearly 60 percent had made similar purchases in other games. At the same time, 80 percent of in-game buyers stated that they knew that the items they purchased had no effect on the strength of the character, but were pure cosmetics. About 20 percent were not aware of this fact. By the way, 25.3% of all Fortnite players pay for Twitch.

To the question “Have you ever missed ‘school time’ to play Fortnite instead?” about 14.5 percent answered “Yes, much” and 20.5 percent “Yes, but not so much”. When applied to the professional world, 5.73 percent answered “Yes, a lot” and 15.91 percent “Yes, but not so much”.


The platform usage of the surveyed Fortnite players from the USA looks like this: PC (13.9%), PlayStation 4 (42.2%), Xbox One (35.2%) and Mobile (8.7%). You can find the complete results including all questions and answers here. Just yesterday we reported that Fortnite: Battle Royale is expected to have generated over $300 million worldwide in May 2018.


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