Fortnite – State of development: Epic Games on performance, balance and input devices when searching for players


Epic Games has published a fairly detailed article on Fortnite’s “state of development” on the official website – mainly on the game mode “Battle Royale”. The developers will talk about the performance, the effectiveness of player buildings, the weapon balance and that the input device – as planned – will soon be included in the player search logic. So in the future you will end up in the same match with players who use the same input device (e.g. controller vs. controller, keyboard + mouse vs. keyboard + mouse). It following excerpts from the specifications of Epic Games.

Controls (controller, mobile devices, Nintendo Switch)

“We think you should be able to play Fortnite anytime, anywhere, whether you’re sitting on the sofa with the controller in your hand or playing on your mobile device on the go. We’ve identified several problems when targeting with the controller (including gyroscope control) and are working on improvements. This includes, among other things, the tolerance of looking around – how far you can move the crosshairs until your character also moves his head. These operations will be accelerated to allow you to make minor adjustments when aiming.”


Input-based player search

“We have improved the player search logic so that the distribution of players should be fairer so that Fortnite is fun with any input device. The input-based player search will be implemented in one of the upcoming updates. With this change you will end up in the same match with players using the same input device (e.g. controller versus controller, keyboard + mouse versus keyboard + mouse). In detail this works as follows: Should someone in your group use mouse and keyboard on your console, matches with PC players and other players with mouse and keyboard will be searched for – as if you were in a group with a PC player. The current rules for cross-platform play still apply. So if you’re actually in a group with a PC player, you’ll always end up in PC player matches regardless of your input device.”


Control customization

“We want to introduce this feature later this year. You will be able to completely customize the controller key assignment to your needs. In addition to these customization options, we continue to work hard on usability and other optimizations for controllers on all platforms. ”


Arms balance

“We have explained our latest balance changes in a blog post. You can read the whole thing here. Weapon effectiveness has gone through several phases over the past few months, from ‘double shot’ to the increased popularity of submachine guns. We are constantly evaluating and adapting this area to ensure that each weapon has the right strengths and weaknesses and fulfills its intended role.


Some of the upcoming changes:

We want to evaluate the equipment time of shotguns. The equipment time was originally introduced to reduce the effectiveness of rapid weapon changes. However, since the addition of the change delay for shotguns, the equipment time makes less sense.

By adjusting the pump gun, it will be ready to fire faster. We plan to adapt the other shotguns to this change over time.”


Effectiveness of player buildings

“With the condition changes in Update V.5.0, the first steps towards optimizing the building system have already been taken. Last week, we turned these buttons again to better differentiate material types (metal is stronger than stone, stone is stronger than wood) with the intention of making strategic decisions more interesting.


As soon as some time has passed with these changes, we will evaluate them again. After the adjustments to the storm movement in Season 5, we’re looking at other ways to modify the storm behavior. These include the way the storm affects player buildings in the last eye of the storm.”



“The goal of every update is to improve the actual gaming experience. Recently, we’ve focused more on 50 versus 50 mode, fighting long hangs/jerks and streaming errors such as loading buildings with too low a resolution. To keep the performance up to our expectations, we have to keep an eye on it all the time. The performance can suffer from new features (such as the all-wheel drive carts). So we have to make sure that innovations make efficient use of system performance. We often have to cut back in one area to make room for new features. Between releases, we monitor performance very closely (even before new releases) so that we can quickly detect and fix problems.” The very detailed explanations (crashes, server performance, rubber banding and Co.) and examples can be found here.


Competition-oriented PvP

“Our weekly Fortnite Summer Skirmish events have provided invaluable testing conditions as some of the best players in the world have been involved to show what they can do. We’ve tried different scoring systems and formats to achieve the perfect balance of simplicity, entertainment value, server performance and integrity of the competition – and learned a lot from it. ¬†You can be sure that we will continue to run and support competition events after the Summer Skirmish as the official Fortnite World Cup starts next year.


In the past weeks we have started to use a live observation function on the normal game servers, which was only used on the Pro-Am at E3. Through various improvements, you can now also watch over a camera that follows exactly what the observed player sees, which makes the action even more authentic. Along with fade-in maps and scores and drone cameras, professional commenting is no longer an obstacle. We will be making extensive improvements to these features over the coming weeks. In any case, we look forward to being able to duly highlight the achievements of our competitors.


We are aware that competitive players are longing for additional opportunities to compete against each other in the same match. Recently, the development of a solid scored system has begun, where all players can compete and where their achievements are recognized. You can expect the first version of this feature in the fall of this year”.


Mobile Devices

“Last week was the launch of the Android beta from Fortnite, which admittedly could have gone smoother. We are currently digging through all the bug reports sent to us with various Android devices and working on their solutions. First we have to deal with problems with game stability and performance. Check out the current section of our Trello board that tracks current mobile device issues.


One of our next goals is to optimize the performance of the supported devices so that you can have a great gaming experience with your mobile devices on the go. Furthermore, we want to support more Android devices with the beta and finally make sure that it runs on all devices that meet the minimum requirements.


You can register for the Android Beta via our website. In the FAQ you can check if your device meets the minimum requirements.


It is very important to us to get you from your pocket to Paradise Palms as soon as possible. That’s why we’re working on ways to make background downloads easier and patches smaller so you can concentrate on the Fortnite action on patch days.


Don’t forget that you can only download the Android version from the official Epic Games website or the Game Launcher on the Samsung website.”


Account Security

“Account security is also very important to us. We have a number of improvements in the pipeline that should make your account more secure. First, there is support for offline authentication apps (Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc.). This feature will be introduced in the near future to provide you with an alternative to email-based two-factor authentication (2FA). In addition to authentication apps, we also draw other Metho

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