Red Dead Online – Popular GTA Online Mode Could Coming Soon


Red Dead Online could get a new mode this week that works like Kill-Quote from GTA Online.

Red Dead Online is still in beta. Accordingly, some things are changed again and again, some things are newly added.

Another update is planned for this week. It could bring a new mode for the online multiplayer to Red Dead Redemption 2.

Player discovers Gun Rush mode in menu

Actually, a Reddit User wanted only to play one round of Showdown Series. When he was in the players menu, he saw two new points to his great surprise.

Gun Rush & Gun Rush Teams: Most likely, these two sub-items are two variants of a new mode that could soon find its way into the game.

However, Gun Rush and Gun Rush teams were not selectable and could only be seen very briefly. At least if the report is correct. What exactly this is all about remains unclear for the time being.

Does Gun Rush work like Gun Game or Kill Quota?

Rockstar could well introduce a game mode in Red Dead Online that has already proven its worth in GTA Online – and proved to be a real fan favourite.

In the GTA Online Kill Quota mode, two to four teams initially get very strong weapons. They gradually swap them for weaker or more challenging ones:

As soon as the team has achieved a certain number of kills, they switch. At the end there is always a showdown with melee weapons that can kill the opponent with a single hit.

The whole thing is of course the other way around, for example with

CS:GO or Arma. In the mode called Gun Game, players start with a standard pistol.

If you can achieve a kill in Gun Game, you will receive an upgrade to the next better weapon. If you are killed by a melee attack, you have to use a weaker weapon again.


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