Stream live on Twitch, YouTube and Co. with the PS4 – I show you how!


You want to stream your games live from PS4 to Twitch or YouTube? The PlayStation 4’s Share button offers the gamer fantastic opportunities to transport his sessions to the outside world. In our step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to set up livestreams directly from PlayStation 4.

Many big YouTubers come from the gaming scene and attract huge audiences and subscribers with their videos and Let’s Plays. If you also want to start streaming your game sessions and prefer to gamble from the console instead of sitting in front of the PC, then streaming isn’t that hard anymore. Friends and fans can watch you directly via Playstation, Twitch, YouTube or dailymotion. If you have a microphone connected, you can also comment on your games and transfer your picture to the stream with a connected camera.

Live streaming from the PS4: Step by step guide

  1. First establish a connection to the streaming service with which you want to stream your later game. For details on how to do this, see “Connecting to the Streaming Service”.
  2. Then start the game you want to stream and press the Share button of PlayStation 4 inside the game.
  3. A menu will open in which you can press “Transfer game“. There you select the desired streaming service (currently Twitch, YouTube or dailymotion).
  4. In the next menu you can define some settings for your stream. If you have a connected camera, you can specify in the first field whether the image of your camera should be transferred or not. If you want to comment on the stream, you can specify in the second field whether the sound of your microphone should be transmitted or not. You can also specify in the third field whether messages to viewers and comments from viewers should be displayed. In the lower part of the menu you can choose the name of your stream and the desired quality (720p – High, 720p – Standard, 540p – High, 540p – Standard, 360p – High, 360p – Standard). You can also share the start of your stream on Facebook and invite friends to the stream.
  5. When you have made all the settings, press “Start transfer“. You will then see in the upper right area that you are “On Air” and how many viewers you currently have. If you have previously selected “Show message to viewers and comments from viewers” in the settings, you will see the chat on the right.
  6. The stream is then transmitted. If you want to stop the stream, press the Share button on your PS4 again and press “Stop transmission”.

Establish connection to streaming service

In order to connect to the streaming service, you must first establish a connection. During my first streaming attempts this was not possible directly via the Share button inside the game. I first had to connect to the desired streaming service. In this short tutorial we will show you how to do this for each service.

Note: I could read in several articles that a connection to Ustream can be established. This doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment.

First steps: Outside the game in your PS account you first press the Share button and select “Settings for sharing and transferring”. Then a menu will open where you can choose “Link to other services”. There you can connect to the supported platforms. Twitch, YouTube and dailymotion are of interest for streaming.


First we choose Twitch and show you how to connect Twitch to your PS4.

  • You will be asked to register at Twitch. Here you press the button “Register”. In the next screen you have to link your account to Twitch.
  • Either you scan the QR code or you change to and enter the displayed 6-digit code in the second step. It’s best to follow the instructions on the screen. These are actually self-explanatory.
  • Then press the Activate button on the website. Your PlayStation 4 and Twitch are now connected.


Below we’ll tell you how to connect YouTube to your PS4.

  • You will be asked to register on YouTube. Here you press the button “Register”.
  • You switch to your browser and have to login with your Google account, which is connected to your YouTube channel.
  • If the registration was successful, your PS4 and YouTube will be connected.


Finally, we will show you how to connect to dailymotion.

  • You will be asked to register with dailymotion. Here you press the button “Register”.
  • Also here you change into the browser. Enter your access data for dailymotion and click on “Login”.
  • Your PS4 is now connected to dailymotion.
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