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At first glance, Jurassic World Evolution simply looks picturesque. Gigantic brachiosaurs leisurely wander through lush green grasslands. In the background a T-Rex roars and makes the crowds tremble, while a ranger team in the Velociraptor enclosure fills the food source with fresh goats. The construction game of Frontier Developments for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One boasts enormous showcases and much love for the dinosaur detail, but weakens in many areas that have nothing to do with the dinosaurs…


Your own Dinopark


Jurassic World Evolution allows you to create your own dinosaur theme park and hope, as in the movies, that the wild and genetically modified creatures don’t break out of their enclosures, create chaos in the park and eat visitors. The renewed attempt of a Jurassic Park construction game after Jurassic Park Operation Genesis comes this time from Frontier Developments (Planet Coaster, Elite: Dangerous, Zoo Tycoon, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3) and focuses very much on the dinosaurs and the atmospherically appropriate implementation of the cinematic role model. The management of the park, the economic aspects and above all the visitors are neglected. After a brilliant start and the joy of the impressive graphic realization as well as the love for the dinosaur detail, however, it becomes clear that not so much is offered behind the facade. But one after the other …

The Five Deaths


In the campaign, you climb from island to island of the “Muertes Archipelago”. Each of the five islands (Isla Matanceros, Isla Muerta, Isla Pena, Isla Sorna and Isla TacaƱo) revolves around a small aspect of the game and if one creates an island rating of four stars on Isla Matanceros, Isla Nublar is unlocked as a sandpit with endless amounts of money and few setting options (weather, time of day, number: power outages, Dino outbreaks and Dino diseases). You cannot create your own island.


On the five campaign islands with a tutorial character, you first have to start small, fight storms (build bunkers, trigger the alarm, done), renovate a loss-making park, build on an island with chronic space problems, and then build a park where dinosaurs freely roam around. However, there is a lack of building space everywhere. The basic ideas for the scenarios are good, but not too difficult to complete, as long as one has made it into the profit zone and the animals do not run amok. There are no higher levels of difficulty. It’s nice that you can travel back and forth between the unlocked islands at any time and take the new technologies, unlocks and dinosaurs with you (but not the money). The other islands are not simulated in the background.




On each island there are missions and missions to complete – each for the three factions science, entertainment, security. While the missions have the character of randomly generated standard missions, important buildings, dinosaurs, research etc. can be unlocked with the missions. These have an easy story reference and deal with the goals of the three factions.

Scientists want to conduct research and find out, for example, what happens if the dinosaurs don’t feel safe. In terms of security, you can put the dinosaur capture skills of the ACU team to the test and specifically involve dinosaurs in battles. The entertainment faction, on the other hand, wants cool creations with extra long teeth. Depending on the mission and mission, you’ll gain reputation with the factions that actually bring some variety into the game because they pursue different goals.


If you still don’t feel like the security missions, you can leave them out of the equation and still get ahead. Only a few unlocks are denied. Occasionally it happens that the other, less beloved factions start a sabotage action and for example release dinosaurs, to which you have to react accordingly. Once you’ve completed all missions on an island for one faction, you can engage with the other factions or continue on to the next island.



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