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On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Capcom celebrates with Monster Hunter: World has set one sales record after another since its release at the beginning of the year. By far the most successful offspring of the series is now also available for the PC. We have gone hunting again and reveal in the test what the implementation has to offer.

A strange world

In Monster Hunter: World, one travels as part of a research commission of the Hunter Guild into an unknown world, where one should investigate a migration of the dragon elders. Above all volcanic giant Zorah Magdaros, with whom you already make unpleasant acquaintance right from the start. Serial veterans will inevitably be reminded of Lao-Shan Lung, who was already up to no good in the very first monster Hunter on PlayStation 2 and had to be fought in a similar way, during the later confrontations with this colossus, in which stationary ballists, cannons and dragon spears are also used.

This time, however, the background story is much more elaborately staged and more closely integrated into the game. Most dialogues are even multilingual and professionally set to music – either in German or in classic Monster Hunter language.

Only the protagonist created via editor remains quasi silent throughout the whole game despite individual moans and screams.
With the character editor you can create your own male or female character.
The character creation offers a good scope as well as subsequent changes, but here and there detail variety is missing. As a rule one disappears anyway fast behind ever thicker armour. Only the display of headgear can be deactivated if desired.

Versatile backing

In addition to your own character, you can also create a cat-like companion called Palico. These cute companions are especially useful for hunters, who often travel alone or only in pairs: Not only can they fight and collect loot on their own, but they can also provide first aid in critical situations or on call as well as perform other tasks that depend on their equipment. In the wild, they can even make contact with other creatures and other creatures and recruit additional back-up, even if only temporarily. In some places, friendly cat tribes even prepare special traps.

If you prefer to go stalking with flesh and blood partners, you can recruit up to three other players as usual, the difficulty level will then adjust automatically. In individually advertisable online sessions, you can even get together with up to 16 players at the same time to form different quest groups. With the help of language, ranking, target and task filters, like-minded players should quickly come together.
Private sessions with personal invitations or password locking are also possible. There is also a clan function on a steam group basis. Even story quests can be tackled together after the relevant interim sequences have been ticked off.

Recently it’s even possible to get into running quests afterwards. The later you join the quest, the lower the reward will be. And anyone who has taken the heat or is otherwise in trouble can use an emergency signal to draw attention to themselves across the board and ask hunting companions from all over the world for help. You can communicate via headset or keyboard as well as via prefabricated exclamations, pictures and gestures, so that you can also communicate with foreign-language partners at least rudimentarily. Those who go hunting regularly even receive daily registration bonuses in the form of gift items and special vouchers that can be used to increase quest rewards.


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